Finding Meaningful Information in Amazon’s Reports and Tools

Session Leader: Brandon Checketts

Amazon provides a lot of raw data to sellers, but much of it is buried in reports that are not very straightforward to access or interpret.  This interactive presentation will explain some techniques to help sellers to make sense of and extract meaningful information out of existing reports available through Amazon’s Seller Central.  We’ll de-mystify some of the technical jargon, and explain what exactly some of the data means.  We will then go a little deeper and talk about ways to include data from multiple reports, or from your own records.

Workshop on Understanding Amazon Seller Reports

In addition to a typical slides, this presentation will include a workshop where you can walk through generating your own reports to make some sense out of your own business’s numbers.  Come equipped with a laptop and we’ll walk through everything on your own account.  We will generate and download a report, and then demonstrate some sorting and filtering and basic spreadsheet functions. Then we will provide some formulas for answering some useful business questions.

Key Points

  • Understanding “Manage Inventory” and “Manage FBA Inventory”
  • (“All Inventory View” and “Inventory Amazon Fulfills”)
  • Generating and downloading reports
  • Choosing the right report
  • Importing a report into a spreadsheet
  • Sorting, filtering, and conditional highlighting
  • Basic spreadsheet formulas
  • Using SKUs to encode extra information (prices, dates, product sources, etc)
  • Understanding how 3rd parties access your data

Questions that you will be able to answer after completing this session:

  • How much is my inventory worth?
  • How much did I make selling this item?
  • Which products or sources are the most profitable?
  • How much of my inventory from 6 months ago has not yet been sold?
  • Bring your own questions and we’ll see if we can figure out how to answer them!

This is an introductory level workshop that is appropriate for all skill levels.