What does Amazon think about you as a Seller?

Abdullah Haydar
27 Aug 2016
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Olympic I, 3rd Floor

What does Amazon think about you as a Seller?

Amazon wants you to build a scalable business on their platform, utilizing as many of their services as possible to grow your business (Payments, WebStore, Fulfillment, Multi-country inventory, etc.). They insist on fitting you into their cookie–cutter business models instead of the other way around.

Their overall goal is to maximize selection on the Amazon Marketplace. They don’t consider any one seller important enough to protect your way of doing business - you have to fit into their models unless you are setting the standard for thousands of others sellers.

What’s going on internally at Amazon that affects you? Ongoing experimentation with different business models affects you. Retiring features which have proven as failures or failed to scale after several iterations of experimentation can affect your business practices. Optimizing pricing on features which are working but aren’t profitable for Amazon can affect your selling costs. Departments within Amazon are working on competing services which might not stick around even if they work very well for you. High Amazon employee turnover impacts your ability to build relationships and dependable expertise. Amazon wants to treat you as a replaceable commodity, and they won’t customize much of their site for you unless there are millions of others who want the same thing you do.

How do you plan in light of this information? Several examples will be given to make you less susceptible to issues between your business and Amazon.