Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard this conference is just for booksellers.  I sell on Amazon but  I don't sell books.  Would I still benefit from attending?
SCOE is for all online sellers who use Amazon as a sales platform or who want to, no matter what their inventory.  Last year, approximately 1/2 of our seller attendees were from the Consumer Products (non-media) segment, and rich content was created and delivered just for them.  This year we plan to invite Amazon category managers from several different product categories to address the specific concerns and ideas of Consumer Products sellers.

How can I keep up with Conference news?
First, check this website frequently.  All news, agendas, questions, answers and other additional information will be posted as soon as it is determined.  Of course if you have questions or ideas, please feel free to send them to[email protected]

Is there a dress code?
There is no formal dress code for the Conference.  However, most people wear business casual.   So for men, think chino pants and short-sleeved button down shirts.  For women, nice pants and tops or casual dresses are fine.

Do I Have to Stay at the Marriott?
The Seattle Airport Marriott is highly recommended for Conference attendees, but not mandatory.  Most attendees will find that the Marriott makes sense for them.  The $115 per night room rate, the full-service business class facility and the convenience of being right in the middle of the conference action makes the Marriott the logical choice.  We believe that you'll find the value and convenience to be very inviting.  If you plan to stay at the Marriott, please book early.  The rooms at this specvial rate do sell out.

Can I register and pay for part of the event?
While you may choose to attend just parts of the weekend, you'll need to register and pay for the entire event if you wish to attend any parts of it.

Do I need to rent a car if I fly in?
No. The Marriott provides a free shuttle going to and from the airport.  If you wish, there is also a shuttle that will take you to a nearby shopping mall, or to Downtown Seattle.  However, if you do rent a car, we have negotiated a daily fee of $8 parking fee per day for our attendees for parking at the Marriott.  This is less than half the regular rate.

Do Amazon executives attend other similar events?
No.  We are very fortunate to have such rich attendance and participation from Amazonians.  This is the only conference for independent sellers attended by Amazon execs. They all put many hours into preparing their presentations for the Conference, and give up weekend times with their families to make your Conference experience really great.  They are very enthusiastic about this opportunity to meet with you in person, and love to attend this event.  This Conference is unique.  There is no other setting in which you can have this face to face contact, receive direct answers to your questions and have your opinions heard.

Will There be a tour of Amazon's new HQ?
In years past, we have gone up to Amazon's location on the last day of this conference.  Even when this happened, we didn't receive a tour.  We were escorted up to a conference room on an upper floor and provided with lunch, while a panel answered attendee questions.  Since then, we've grown to a group too large to descend upon a building full of workers without becoming a distraction to them.  Instead, we'll have even more time to speak face to face with Amazon staff at the Marriott. 

Can I bring my family?
Seattle is at its best in July and there is a lot to enjoy.  If you have non-attendee family members who want to come along to sightsee, shop and explore the city, of course they are welcome to do so.  There is no cost for them to just come along for the ride.  However, if they want to attend any of the actual Conference sessions or share meals with you at the conference, they must pay and register as an attendee.  And please, no kids at the Conference sessions.

Why do we continue to hold SCOE at the Seattle Airport Marriott?
When an event at this level of complexity is planned, it helps to know that a reliable top-notch organization has your back.  If we decided to allow SCOE to continue to expand at its current rate of growth, we'd outgrow the Marriott in 2012.  However, we've made the choice to cap this event at 400 attendees, so that all attendees will still be able to have face to face conversations with Amazon staff.  If you have comments or suggestions for the Marriott, a staff member will be on hand at the Monday Debriefing Brunch to hear you. 

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It's hard to put into a line or two how much attending benefited myself as well as The sessions were a tremendous help in not only advancing my knowledge of selling online and with Amazon but the contacts I made there were beneficial too.  I will be announcing this conference to our sellers as well.    ~Jennifer Barone,