Make More Dollars by Making Sense of Amazon Data

Session Leader: Paul Grey

Sales data is the lifeblood of a growing e-commerce business. Amazon provides its merchants rich sales data in a variety of forms. Which is the most useful? Which is the easiest to get? How can it be used? And is it really as good as it seems at first glance?

This presentation will share the experience of a business selling with Amazon in seven countries, including selling with FBA in the United States for four years. It will include examples of how Amazon sales data is being accessed and what can be done with it, and it will reveal tips, tricks, and traps.

Topics covered will include:

  • What are the best sources of sales data for Amazon merchants?
  • What sales data should a merchant want?
  • Does Amazon provide it?
  • What sales metrics really are useful?
  • Practical examples of how merchants can utilize Amazon sales data, such as:
    • real time sales dashboards
    • product sales velocity calculation as input to inventory replenishment planning
    • product sales analysis including growth and seasonality
  • Identify your best products, brands, categories and customers.
  • What’s wrong with some of the sales data Amazon provides
  • How to avoid common mistakes.

Followed by a Q&A on Amazon reports and data downloads, where delegates can get their questions answered taking advantage of a software engineering team’s four years experience working with Amazon sales and FBA reports, data downloads and APIs.

This seminar is for advanced sellers who are already familiar with the mechanics of Amazon reports. If you are relatively new to Amazon reports, you should attend our other session on Amazon data reports before attending this session.