SCOE Participant Terms and Conditions

The person reserving a seat warrants that he/she has the authority to do so on behalf of the named business and binds the business to this agreement. SCOE reserves the right to amend any part of the Conference program if necessary at any time.


Definitions and interpretation

These registration conditions set out our obligations to you and your commitments to us when you register for our educational sessions with us and these, together with the information contained in the registration confirmation email/letter, form the basis of our contract with you.

(i) “we” “our” and “us” are references to Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs, (‘SCOE’).

(ii) “your”, “you” or “party” means any and all persons named on the registration, or added, or substituted at a later time.

(iii) “Force Majeure” means an event that we or our affiliates/subcontractors could not with all due care avoid or foresee, for example: riot, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, civil strife, adverse weather conditions, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial dispute, fire and/or any similar events beyond our control or our affiliates’/subcontractors’ control.

(iv) “in writing” means by letter or email with confirmed receipt.



SCOE is an independent organization, not owned in whole or in part by,,, or other similar marketplaces. Information found on this site is not intended to represent an exchange of endorsements or certifications by individuals or organizations mentioned on this website.



(i) Once you are booked and paid, we will send confirmation within 2 business days by email or mail, which creates a binding contract between us. When you make your registration, you affirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions prior to making your registration.

(ii) A registration will only be regarded as complete once payment has been made. If funds, once cleared are then returned, the registration cannot be regarded as complete. Incomplete registrations may be released to general availability.

(iii) Your registration to attend the conference may only be changed, replaced or refunded at our absolute discretion. We do, however, welcome substitute personnel attending in your place (if you are unable to attend) provided that we have prior notice of the name of your substitute and have received payment in full for the seat.

(iv) We reserve the right to deny or revoke admittance at any time, for any or no reason. Attendees denied admittance may be eligible for a refund, which will be issued at our sole, unfettered discretion and, when offered, final and conclusive.

(v) In no event will the liability of SCOE exceed the sum paid for the conference registration.

(vi) Participation in the conference and related activities is limited to fully paid and registered attendees. Friends, family, and associates require separate passes at the published rate. Minors under eighteen (18) years of age are not permitted to participate in the conference or related activities.



(i) All participants are expected to behave in a professional manner at all SCOE sessions. SCOE is committed to providing an environment in that encourages the respectfulness to all participants. Incidents of harassment or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in ejection without refund or further notice.

(ii) Participation in SCOE sessions is limited to the specific registration type secured by the registrant. Participants who intend to occupy a seat at educational sessions are required to register for an attendee seat at an educational session. Participants who intend to market, sell, or advertise a specific product or service to other attendees are required to register for a vendor seat at the session. Participants who intend to both occupy educational session seats and market goods and services to attendees must register for both and attendee seat and a vendor seat.

(iii) Meal service and other general accommodations offered to attendees are made available on an equal basis to vendor and speaker registrants.

(iv) Session seating for vendor and speaker participants is offered on a space-available basis only. Vendor and speaker participants may be required to find alternate seating arrangements at some sessions if occupancy is high.

(v) Vendors are expected to be present at their presentation area and other assigned spaces for the entire time vendor facilities are open to general attendees. Extended absence may result in ejection from the session without refund.

(vi) Attendees are expected to be present at general sessions other provided spaces for the entire group of sessions. Extended absence may result in denial of re-admittance without refund.



(i) The attendance fee is presented at the time you make your registration. Both regular pricing and special discount offers are subject to change or cancellation at any time without further notice.

(ii) Discount codes are limited to one per registration, per registrant. Except where specifically stated otherwise, discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

(iii) All prices quoted are in US dollars.


Special requests

If you have special requests for food or accessibility, you must notify us when you make your registration. We try to accommodate all reasonable requests, but we cannot guarantee to accommodate every request that is made of us. In some instances, it may be necessary to pass on additional charges related to arranging the specific accommodation. If you make a special request, please look for a separate confirmation message to ensure that we have been able to prepare your accommodation.


Website and quote descriptions

All website and quote descriptions are made in good faith and every care is taken to ensure their accuracy. However, errors may occasionally occur. We cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions except where these have arisen due to our negligence or that of any our employees (as long as they were acting in the course of their employment at the time). We reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in our website and quotes at any time.


Deposits, changes and cancellations by us

(i) In some circumstances, we have to change the group of educational session arrangements or rarely cancel the educational sessions outright. We always try to avoid cancellations or changes, but we must reserve the right to change or cancel the educational sessions as necessary.

(ii) The most common changes are minor in nature. For example, the timing of the educational sessions, the venue, the accommodation, the lesser billed presenters and educators, where the content itself has not significantly changed.

(iii) In rare circumstances a major change or cancellation might be necessary for a confirmed registration. In the event that we cancel or significantly change your registration, we will notify you by email as soon as we reasonably can. If we must cancel your registration against your wishes, we will issue a full refund of your original deposit plus any additional payments you have made (subject to clause 8 below).


Deposits, changes and cancellations by you

At any time prior to check-in, you may transfer your individual registration to another delegate employed by the organization or store provided during registration. Individual transfers are subject to a transfer fee calculated as the difference in price between the paid registration rate and the current posted rate for registration. Members of a group registration may transfer their registration to a delegate from the same organization without paying a fee. Transfers outside the group organization are subject to a transfer calculated as the value of the difference in price between the paid registration rate and the current posted rate for individual registration. Members of an attending sponsor group may transfer their registration to a delegate from the same organization at any time without paying a fee. Members of an attending sponsor group may not transfer their registration to a delegate outside their organization.

If you wish to cancel all or any part of your registration, you should advise us immediately by telephone followed by confirmation in writing. Be sure you receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation from SCOE. Only this written acknowledgement can confirm that your cancellation request has been received and will be processed.

Upon confirmation of your cancellation, we will make a full refund of your deposit plus any additional payments you may have made according to the prorated scale below, which is based on your registration type and cancellation date. Note that individuals, groups, and sponsors are refunded differently. Any available refund will be returned to the method of payment provided during registration. Please allow 7 - 10 business days to receive your refund. Cancellations of flight, hotel, and other travel accommodations are the sole responsibility of the attendee and must be made directly with the service provider originating the service.


Individual Reservations
91+ days prior to earliest check-in time 100% refund of individual registration rate
31 - 90 days prior to earliest check-in time 50% refund of individual registration rate
0 - 30 days prior to earliest check-in time No refund of individual registration rate
Group Reservations
91+ days prior to earliest check-in time 50% refund of total group registration rate
0 - 90 days prior to earliest check-in time No refund of total group registration rate
Sponsor Reservations
91+ days prior to earliest check-in time 50% refund of total sponsor registration rate
0 - 90 days prior to earliest check-in time No refund of total sponsor registration rate




Proposals, recommendations, and/or ideas found in or attached to email, that have been generated or created by Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs are sent in confidence and remain the exclusive property of Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. Even partial use of such proposals, recommendations, and/or ideas is considered a breach of copyright and will be considered accordingly.


Video and Audio Recordings

Sessions and related activities at the conference are likely to be recorded and may be made available to the public at large, other participants, and 3rd parties. By registering and attending SCOE educational sessions and related events, you signify your permission for the publication of conference recordings.



In registering for SCOE Conferences, attendee details will be incorporated into a list for the benefit of all attendees. We generally share first and last name, organization, county and email address. These details are also made available to parties directly related to the Conference including the vendors, venues and accommodation providers. SCOE will use these details to inform participants of Conference updates or future conferences via email. Participants are responsible for advising SCOE if they wish to “opt-out” of having their email address included in the conference participant list or SCOE’s distribution list for future educational sessions.


Intellectual Property

Products and their names as mentioned on this website are the registered trademark of their owners. Conference graphics and other materials are owned by Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. Speakers grant Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs a perpetual license to publish and to use the content of their presentations in the United States and throughout the world.


Personal Insurance

SCOE will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by delegates or accompanying persons, or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the Conference or related events. SCOE cannot be responsible for healthcare, dental and ambulance services during its conferences. SCOE strongly recommends that participants take out comprehensive medical and travel insurance, which should cover the possibility of flight cancellation due to strikes and other causes. Therefore, SCOE and its local co-organizers accept no responsibility of any nature whatsoever for personal injury, death, loss or damage to property or participants however caused or arising.


Force majeure

Except as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, we cannot accept liability or give compensation when the prompt performance of obligations under our agreement with you is affected or prevented by Force Majeure. Furthermore, we are unable to accept liability or offer any compensation if you encounter damage, expense, or loss of any kind resulting from Force Majeure.


Law and Jurisdiction

(i) Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs is not responsible for content from presenters or vendors associated with our educational sessions or related events. These individuals and organizations supply their own materials. We encourage you to verify the accuracy of information before assuming that it will be suitable to any purpose. All content is provided on “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” basis with no warranty of any kind (express or implied) and Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs accepts no liability from any omission or inaccuracy in the provided Content or, to the extent allowed by law, from any defamatory, infringing, or otherwise unlawful Content.

(ii) As permitted by law, Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs is not to be held liable in connection with or under this agreement, in tort, contract, or any other case, for loss of profit, goodwill, business, or any consequential or indirect loss.

(iii) This Agreement and all related matters from it shall be governed and construed according to the laws of the United States of America and is subject to the sole jurisdiction of the State of Washington and the City of Kirkland.