Getting Inside the Heads of Two Search Engines

26 Aug 2016
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Olympic II, 3rd Floor

Getting Inside the Heads of Two Search Engines

In this presentation, you’ll understand the differences in how Amazon’s and Google’s data work, helping you to optimize for both. Below is the broad outline, but in this presentation we’ll cover lots of detail that will help you make better decisions on both platforms.

How Amazon search works
- Amazon indexes its own data
- Single-factor search
- Digging for query data
- Where keywords fit in
- Proactive pricing
- Use related phrase targeting
- Where Amazon’s going (hint: voice search)

Google indexes others’ data
- Multi-factor search
- Open query data
- Site health tools
- Visibility
- Handling out-of-stock products
- Improving site quality
- Establishing relevance
- Building authority

First, do no harm. What do I mean? Come listen and find out!