EZMarketBot (formerly UShopMall) provides a full toolkit for managing your online business across multiple sales platforms, including basic order processing, inventory management, and more detailed applications such as market analysis, real-time price control, overseas logistics, product detail page localization, product notes, message boards and customer management. We cover every aspect of multiple-platform selling, allowing you to benefit from our hands-on experience. EZMarketBot allows you to manage your business over platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, EBay, Newegg, Linio, Aliexpress, Rakuten, Jet.com and your own website. Data is automatically synchronized across your multi-channel platforms. Our modularized design is highly scalable. We are customizable and designed to simplify your operation and save you time and money, helping your marketplace stores grow faster. To learn more, our email address is now [email protected], and our web page is located at www.ezmarketbot.com.