You sell to your customers...
Why not buy from them!

The First Annual Buybak Seminar

This seminar, not an official part of th Sellers' Conference, is a pre-event to SCOE, from 10am to 5pm on Friday, July 10th.  Upon completion, attendees will receive a 50% rebate of their SCOE registration fee (up to $200)  from Buybak.  Space in this seminar is limited, and the information you will receive is invaluable.  Although not affiliated with Buybak, SCOE strongly encourages you to attend.

Also upon completion of the seminar, you'll be eligible for your own Buybak site (up to a $10,000 value). This will allow you to purchase Consumer Media (CDs, DVDs, video games and soon textbooks and other books), and buybak or participate as an affiliate to buybak Consumer Electronics (iPods, cell phones, small electronics, etc), Jewelry (gold, silver, etc), Sporting Goods (golf clubs, etc) and other categories.

The Buybak seminar covers the following topics:
1) What is Buybak?
2) How does Buybak work?
3) Buybak SEO and Buybak Affiliate Marketing!
4) Buybak Channels
   (How Buybak helps me acquire inventory)
5) Buybak Logistics
   (How do I accept different product categories)?
6) Future of Buybak

This seminar will provide the tools to source high quality pre-owned items directly from consumers, increase your revenue, drive strong customer satisfaction and  increase your ecommerce revenue by converting traded dollars to new and used consumer sales.

Please pre-register before July 1 (seating is limited), by emailing [email protected] with your corporate and contact information, so we can hold your spot.  We will provide you with our agreement and build your Buybak site, and will review its operation with you at the seminar.  When you leave you'll be ready to go! If you have any questions, please email Steve at [email protected].  We look forward to seeing you there!
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Welcome to SCOE 2009!
July 10-13, 2009
Seattle WA
"Tools for Growth in an Economic Downturn"
Attend the Buybak Pre-Event Seminar on Friday. Learn how to receive a 50% rebate on your SCOE fee!
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