Here's everything you'll need to know about the upcoming Sellers' Conference.  First, the basics:

July 10-13
Seattle Airport Marriott
and HQ

The purpose of the Sellers' Conference is to allow online entrepreneurs to network, meet face to face and in groups with Amazon executives and representatives to exchange information, and to view the tools and products from vendors who support online businesses in various capacities.

This website is a constant work in progress.  As we get closer to the date of the event, there will be more information, and the content will become more and more useful.  You can help.  One of the ways we decide what to post will be in response to your questions and suggestions.  Plase don't hesitate to email Rhonda with any of these, at [email protected] 

Click on any of the page links on the left to read more about the Conference, the hosting facility, or to answer any other questions you might have.

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July 10-13, 2009
Seattle, WA
Welcome to SCOE 2009!
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The Independent Conference for entrepreneurs who utilize as a sales platform.