International Growth Opportunities for Amazon Sellers

Session Leader: Ioan Mitrea

A Brief History of Amazon’s International Success

  • Amazon’s International Success
  • Amazon’s International Expansion
  • Amazon’s Daily Audience
  • Amazon’s Catalog Sizes

What has changed in the past year?

  • New information for marketplace sellers who have expanded internationally

Is International Expansion Right for You?

  • How to decide?

Choosing the Right Marketplace(s)

  • Researching your niche
  • Identifying your competition
  • Understanding business rules and regulations
  • Developing a Shipping Plan

Getting Started

  • Opening a bank account
  • Starting a selling account
    • Advantages and disadvantages of Unified European accounts
  • Adding items to the Amazon catalog
    • Amazon Jumpstart Program
  • Creating a shipping plan
    • FBA/MFN
    • Choosing a carrier
    • Relay shipping, how can it help you?
  • Providing Native Language Customer Service

Understanding Taxes, VAT and other costs and fees

  • Do American sellers have to collect and remit international sales taxes?

Closer looks at all international marketplaces and their specific requirements

  • Are some international markets better than othters?
  • Are specific marketplaces like Amazon vs eBay better for certain types of products?