Laura Messerschmitt

Laura Messerschmitt of Outright

Laura Messerschmitt has been working with small business accounting software companies for over 10 years, first at Intuit QuickBooks and now at  Over the last year, she has focused specifically on eCommerce tax and accounting issues.

Laura specializes in explaining what online sellers need to know about taxes and tax laws.  She frequesntly invites a CPA to join me after the presentation to answer specific tax questions that attendees may have. We welcome her to SCOE because a lot of sellers have questions about the changing tax laws and how it affects them.

She has presented about tax laws for online sellers in many venues and the presentations have been well received.  Some of the venues include: Etsy (as a part of their worldwide seller education online lab series), Lisa Suttora’s group, the “Top Rated Seller Webinar Series”, and Online Seller MeetUps across the country.