SCOE Presenter Guidelines

The guidelines below are intended to provide general information about participating as a SCOE presenter. Additional information will be delivered to scheduled presenters in their SCOE Presenters’ Pack which includes the Working Group Document for this group.

Presentation Considerations from SCOE

  • One attendee seat at SCOE
  • Promotional space in distribution materials and attendee impression opportunities
  • Option to participate in SCOE self-managed affiliate program

Presentation Resources from SCOE

  • Scheduled and assigned room space for the allotted time
  • Attendee seating to room capacity
  • Show-ready projector with stand and VGA connector cable. Please notify us well in advance if you require either of the following:
    • Use of a laptop computer
    • Mac-adapter for video connector cable
  • Paper easel pad with stand and markers
  • Laser pointer
  • Lectern
  • Sound equipment (availability based on room size)
  • Printing and distribution service for handouts and/or worksheets
  • Session assistant (available for leaders of hands-on training workshops)

Presentation Requirements of Presenters

  • Format – Sessions should follow a general educational format including:
    • Assessment (ex. quiz, survey, etc.) of participant knowledge prior to the session
    • Delivery of planned material
    • Summary of material presented
    • Opportunity for participants to ask questions and/or offer feedback
    • Re-assessment of participant knowledge after the session.
  • Participation – Presenters are expected to participate in conference activities and be available for leadership of three sessions. For example:
    • One hands-on training session
    • One panel discussion
    • One repeat by popular demand
  • Timing – Deliver 75 minutes of educational content per 90 minute session
  • Content – Educational sessions are intended to teach a specific skill or provide specific information that will help sellers increase revenue or substantially cut costs. With the exception of advanced level sessions, the content should be free from technical jargon.
    • Quality: Relevant, timely, and offering coverage of session topic on at least two of three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
    • Non-Commercial: Educational sessions cannot be used to promote a specific product or service except as directed by SCOE.
    • Announcements: Presenters may be required to make specific announcements during their presentation.
    • Originality: The presenter represents that all content presented is the presenter’s own work or is used by permission.
  • Learning Aids – Learning aids should provide summary, additive, or supporting content for the session.
    • Printed handout: Electronic version of 1 to 5 page printable handout or worksheet per topic, which will be printed and distributed to all attendees. Presenter grants SCOE rights to distribution for the purposes of providing learning aids to SCOE attendees.
    • Visual aid: Electronic version of visual aid used during presentation, which will be electronically distributed to all attendees. Sensitive information may be removed prior to distribution. Presenter grants SCOE rights to distribution for the purposes of providing learning aids to SCOE attendees.