July: An FBA Perfect Storm Of Sales Tax Due Dates

Mark Faggiano is the founder and CEO of TaxJar, a service built to make sales tax compliance easier for multi-channel ecommerce sellers.

Any FBA seller knows the hassle of sales tax. You register for a sales tax permit in your state – as well as any other states where you have sales tax nexus – and suddenly you’re constantly checking your calendar for your next sales tax due date.

It doesn’t help that every state is different, and they’re often inconsistent. You could be filing quarterly sales tax in Florida for a long time, then suddenly find yourself switched to a monthly payment schedule. And just because you’re paying annually in Georgia doesn’t mean it’s like that everywhere else – each state has its own rules and due dates.

 It’s a nightmare for you and other FBA sellers to keep up with. You just want to make money and grow your business. How do you take care of the sales tax madness without dedicating your life to appeasing the sales tax gods?


 Perfect Storm

This kind of problem is why we created TaxJar. The last thing we want to see is business owners going under because of arbitrary tax laws. If we can do anything to help keep people making money, having fun and staying in compliance with sales tax laws, we’ll do it.

That’s why you should know July is probably a sales tax filing month for you. This month is what we call a “perfect storm” of sales tax. Practically every state has at least one payment due, either monthly or quarterly. If you have nexus in multiple states, you have your hands full.

Instead of beating your head against your desk trying to find out which states have due dates, why not let us do it for you? Even if you didn’t want us to, we did it anyway. Head on over to our blog to see our list of July state sales tax due dates. There you’ll see it’s organized by state so you can just scroll down or search and find what you need in no time flat. Then you can get back to growing your business like you want!


While you’re at it, try a 30-day free trial of TaxJar. We import your data from the various channels where you sell, like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, or your payment processors, like PayPal, and then get your info file-ready for each individual state. No more spending way too much time filing sales tax. Sign up today so you can get back to running your online business!