Three Other Ways To Track Conversions

Channel Attribution with Web Analytics Tools - Ian Lurie
No matter where your store ‘lives’, you need to track what’s generating revenue and what’s not. That data helps you:Manage paid advertising, like pay-per-clickSee how individual channels and products performMeasure cost per acquisitionTracking those conversions may seem obvious: Go into

SCOE 2014 and the Seattle Gift Show

Seattle Gift Show
When we ask "What is the most difficult aspect of online selling?", the number one answer we get is sourcing.  Everyone is always looking for new, trend-forward, interesting, high-margin stuff to sell.  For the first time, SCOE has a solution for you!This year's SCOE Seattle will coincide with the

Pricing Without Competition

Setting prices when you're competing with other sellers can seem simple. You can lower your price to be more competitive, raise it to preserve your profit margin or leave it alone at your preferred selling price.But what about when you don't have any competition? What do you do when...Selling your