John Lawson

CEO, 3rd Power Outlet and ColderICE Media

John Lawson

CEO, 3rd Power Outlet and ColderICE Media


John Lawson is the author of “Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-prenuers” and also the founder of ColderIce Media, an eCommerce education, training and consultant agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and 3rd Power Outlet. John has executed more than 300,000 online transactions resulting in more than $25 million dollars in sales.

John is a true rags-to-riches fairy tale. In 2001, while enjoying professional success at Fortune 100 consulting firm, Accenture, John was enticed into the world of “flipping” real estate by a friend. “I let him use my credit to buy a house that we were never able to flip.” Now saddled with two mortgages, John began selling his IT books, printers and ink on Ebay and soon discovered that selling online was a great way to make the extra cash he needed. Thus his online business was born.

Today, Mixergy calls John Lawson a “power seller.” American Express hawks him as their “featured businessman.” Startup Nation says he’s the “savviest” in Social Media and Small Biz Trends named him “Influencer” of the year. He is an award-winning Social Media Strategist, a spokesperson for several corporations, a commercial television personality and a sought after Keynote Speaker, Trainer/Instructor and conference panelist.


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