Robert Casto

Robert Casto


Robert Casto has been building software solutions for over 25 years, the last 15 of which have been in the area of eCommerce. In 2004 to 2006 he worked at Amazon as a member Product Advertising API team responsible for the software that provides data to millions of affiliate program users. Soon after he became responsible for all the software development of the and websites. After moving to PCMS he started working with companies such as Walgreens, Best Buy, Oxxo, and others developing software for their needs.

For the past 5 years Robert Casto has been building SellersToolbox which is a suite of tools designed to help simplify many tasks associated with selling on Using it as a base platform on which to build custom software solutions, he has been able help many sellers streamline their operations, integrate Amazon data with their computer systems, and solve problems unique to their businesses. Recently he has been tackling problems such as creating variation listings more simply on Amazon, streamlining the FBA shipment creation process to provide box manifests, and creating actionable sales data. His goal is to provide solutions that fit your business, not tools that require you to change your business.

Robert Casto is also an Amazon seller with gross sales of nearly $1 million yearly. Besides providing an excellent way to test the software, it means he knows first hand the issues faced by sellers trying to work with Amazon. This experience allows him to better help businesses achieve success with their software projects.


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Creating Variations: A Hands On Workshop

11:00 am - 12:00 pm