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Volunteer at SCOEHow to Signup as a Volunteer

Companies who register two or more representatives may request that one of their representatives be designated as a volunteer. You must make this request at the time of registration by entering coupon code "VOLUNTEER" at checkout. Using this coupon code will grant you a $150 instant discount off your registration fee.

We will then contact you to request that you complete an volunteer application so that we can approve your request. If you are an approved volunteer, we will notify you at least 45 days prior to the event. Only one volunteer per organization will be approved. The information found on this page is subject to change without further notice. We will email a finalized list of guidelines about 30 days prior to the event.


Benefits of Volunteering

Approved volunteers are eligible for a full rebate of their registration fee when they check-in at the event. Even if your request is not approved, you may keep the $150 discount that you automatically receive at registration. Volunteers also meet for dinner before the event and lunch after the event and receive special privileges and recognition throughout the event. Volunteers are welcome to attend all sessions that take place outside of their designated volunteer times.


Volunteer Requirements and Guidelines

Availability: Volunteers are expected to be present and available for these sessions:

  • Early check-in. We will meet at the event location. Please arrive four hours early for debriefing.
  • Morning and afternoon check-in on the first full day of the event. Please arrive one hour early for setup.
  • Assigned sessions: Volunteers will be assigned to work at either morning or afternoon sessions each day. Afternoon volunteers on the final day will be asked to help with cleanup.

Common Tasks: Volunteers will be asked to engage in a variety of tasks that involve walking, standing, sitting, bending, and lifting. Examples include:

  • Inserting print material into totebags
  • Setting up signs
  • Taking attendance at sessions
  • Leading networking sessions
  • Answering questions from presenters, attendees, sponsors, and other volunteers
  • Helping to stow bags on the last day of the event
  • Moderating group discussions
  • Distributing prizes, awards, and other materials

Attire: Volunteers should dress in business casual attire with comfortable shoes. You may be asked to stand for long periods at check-in or show other attendees where their sessions will meet.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Be sure to enter the VOLUNTEER code at checkout if you would like to considered as a candidate.

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