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Congratulations!  You've been given this link because you attended a previous sellers conference and haven't yet signed up for SCOE 2009.  Times are hard, and coming to Seattle is a serious time and money commitment for you.  We so strongly believe in the value of SCOE that we are willing to help defray the costs in two ways. 

First, by using the link below, you'll qualify for the special fee of $250 per attendee.  In addition, if you register for the Buybak pre-event seminar, you'll receive a 50% rebate on that cost, so that your fee will effectively drop to $125.

But that's not all. We know that the info gained from Amazon, Buybak, speakers and by networking with other sellers, your trip will more pay for itself many times over.  We're so sure that you'll reap great value that we are willing to make an unbeatable offer.  If you attend SCOE 2009 and if in the following year believe that you've received no tangible value from what you've learned, we'll refund the remaining $125 to you with no questions asked.  We trust that you'll work to implement some new ideas, and will honestly report your results. 

There is much to this Conference that is new and unique The solutions and tools have expanded.  If you're still committed to your online business, we're certain we can help you grow and improve.  And just so you know, about 50% of those currently registered are returnees, who recognize the value of coming to SCOE this year.

Questions?  Contact us at [email protected].   And check the website frequently.  You'll see info on what's planned, and more fully understand how you'll benefit from coming to Seattle this July.  And don't forget to register for Buybak!

This link will be good through Friday, June 19.

The Independent Conference for entrepreneurs who utilize Amazon as a sales channel.
Welcome to SCOE 2009!
July 10-13, 2009
Seattle WA
Attend the Buybak Pre-Event Seminar on Friday. Learn how to receive a 50% rebate on your SCOE fee!
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