KiOui Has a New eBay App

Jean-Charles Compagnon, KiOui founder and past SCOE volunteer, produces a very useful product called KiOui Phoenix that allows eBay sellers to maintain the product history on out of stock products. The product inventory is set to zero so that no one can order the item, but it stays active.

We all know how important selling history is for each item and how frustrating it can be to lose the history of your best selling items during temporary stock-outs. Phoenix helps sellers maintain the reputation of best-selling items on eBay, which gives you time to get the item back in stock. Even better, external links to the items page don’t break while the product is out of stock.

The Phoenix app is available with a free 7-day trial and costs $29.99 per year thereafter.

Thanks to That Kat for telling us about KiOui’s newest upgrade!