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Win the Buy Box at the Best Price

Winning the buy box can be tricky. Nobody, other than Amazon themselves, knows exactly what it takes to win the buy box.

But over the years, we’ve done research into how the buy box works. And we’ve developed a strategy that has helped many sellers win the buy box and maximize their profits at the same time.

Staying in the Buy Box Rotation

You don’t always have to be the lowest priced offer to win the buy box. Most sellers know this already.

The tricky part is knowing exactly how far above the lowest priced offer you can be and still stay in the buy box rotation. And that changes due to a variety of factors:

  • Your feedback and shipment times.
  • Your FBA status.
  • Your response rates and times to customer inquiries.
  • Your in-stock quantities (both current and long-term).

Since you’ll never be able to calculate the exact price you’ll need to stay in the buy box rotation, our strategy relies on consistent adjustments and experimentation.

Our Proven Strategy

  1. Start by lowering the price on an item until you win the buy box.
  2. Then raise your price until you lose the buy box.
  3. Repeat the process.

This ensures that you’ll spend maximum time in the buy box rotation at the best price. Plus, it will help combat the race-to-the-bottom that so many sellers fear when talking about repricing.

It sounds simple, but it can be tricky to implement if you have to handle all of the repricing manually. Our software, Sellery, can automate this and many other pricing strategies.