Robert Casto

Robert Casto
Robert Casto

Robert Casto

Robert Casto sells primarily on Amazon and Ebay. He started by looking for a way to make vacation money, and initially sold on When the FBA program was introduced, he jumped right on it. He is always looking for anything that can save time, simplify a task, or enable us to do more with less effort. As his business grew, he needed better tools to deal with the large amount of inventory and sales he was dealing with. He has been a software developer since 1993 and worked for,, and, so he has a very strong eCommerce background. So it seemed natural that he would use those skills to build some tools to help our business. He now works full time on the SellersToolbox website and helping his wife with their retail business.

Jon Jessup

Jon Jessup

As the CEO and founder of Cloud Conversion, Mr. Jessup brings 13 years of on-demand software experience to the company’s objective of innovation and success in the cloud.

Mr. Jessup graduated Cum Laude from Princeton University in 2001, with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree in Computer Science.

After Princeton, Jon joined the Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, CA. At Oracle, he worked on the eBusiness Suite, including Oracle Exchange, Oracle Purchasing and Oracle iProcurement. Jon moved to Park City, UT in 2005, and continued working at Oracle from a distance.

Upon leaving Oracle, Jon served as a senior software engineer at Infopia, and later served as the technical evangelist for the Infopia Transact eCommerce platform. At Infopia, he lead the development and adoption of the first B2C and eCommerce application on the AppExchange, which won 2006 Salesforce “Appy Award” for Breakthrough Application of the Year.

Having worked with Salesforce on many different levels for over three years, Jon is passionate about helping companies leverage Salesforce technologies to nurture innovation and optimize business effectiveness.

Jon was a three-time Ivy League Champion and Princeton school record holder in the Pole Vault. He now enjoys skiing the perfectly manicured slopes of Deer Valley, powder at Alta and competing in local ski races in Park City. He is a passionate private pilot, and actively supports The National Ability Center in Park City and Princeton Track.

Laura Messerschmitt

Laura Messerschmitt of Outright

Laura Messerschmitt has been working with small business accounting software companies for over 10 years, first at Intuit QuickBooks and now at  Over the last year, she has focused specifically on eCommerce tax and accounting issues.

Laura specializes in explaining what online sellers need to know about taxes and tax laws.  She frequesntly invites a CPA to join me after the presentation to answer specific tax questions that attendees may have. We welcome her to SCOE because a lot of sellers have questions about the changing tax laws and how it affects them.

She has presented about tax laws for online sellers in many venues and the presentations have been well received.  Some of the venues include: Etsy (as a part of their worldwide seller education online lab series), Lisa Suttora’s group, the “Top Rated Seller Webinar Series”, and Online Seller MeetUps across the country.

Lili Brown

Lili is owner of Vickilane, Inc (aka Vickilane Design), which has been an Oregon Corporation since 1988 specializing in home decor. At this time they primarily sell decorative cabinet hardware and light switch plates. Their goods have been sold in many retail outlets such as Lowe’s and Ace, their line is also sold on Amazon, eBay, Sears marketplace and others. For many years they made all of their goods in Oregon, now they import goods from China, India and Vietnam.

Cindy Shebley

Cindy Shebley

Cindy Shebley

Cindy Shebley

Cindy fell in love with photography when her uncle gave her her first camera at age 9. It was a Kodak Brownie film camera – so you can tell it was awhile ago. When she reached high school, she worked painting houses all summer to earn enough money to purchase her first professional camera. The times and technology have changed a lot since then.

After spending years in photography, she followed her other dream: to have her own business. Back then, it was a retail shop – which she and her partner ran for over ten years. Then came the eCommerce revolution. One thing she realized when she transitioned from bricks and mortar to selling online is the importance of a good quality photograph to sell your product.

She also knows how challenging it can be to get a great product shot. The cameras today are designed to give stellar photographs under most conditions. However product photography is challenging and requires additional skills and techniques to get the best image from your camera.

She is currently a multi-channel seller (eBay, Amazon, Bonanza & occasionally Etsy). She is one of 30 people worldwide that has been certified by eBay as a Business Consultant. Cindy is also the author of Easy Auction Photography and Co-author of The eBay Marketing Bible.

Fred Lill

Fred Lill was born into the world of packaging when his father established a packaging company in 1983 called Mainline. At 16, Fred started working in the factory and slowly moved up the ladder , running machines by his late teens. Being passionate about the family business and its products, it was realised Fred’s true potential was customer-facing. A decade of success in selling for the company has lead Fred to the current role of Sales Director in which he created both the Lil’® envelope and Bukwrap® product which has revolutionized the way that CDs DVDs & Books are mailed. Fred recently lead the company to become triple award winners for a UK based awards ceremony scooping:
1. Business of the Year award
2. Business development award : For 55% growth of their business.
3. Innovation award : For the Lil’® envelope

Kat Simpson

Kat Simpson of Kat Simpson Enterprises

Kat Simpson of Kat Simpson Enterprises

Kat has a background since 1997 on eBay and since 2008 on Amazon. She has been selling full-time with FBA for the last year and have been very successful in making it the main income for her family.

She can truly connect with sellers based on her background and her current involvement in an extremely active FBA Facebook group rapidly approaching 1,000 members along with an FBA Podcast that gets over 1,200 downloads per week.

Kat Simpson is passionate about showing sellers how to build an FBA business on a budget, and how to start with a limited amount of money, and how to move forward to a full-time business without having thousands to invest when you begin.

JD Aspinall

I believe that owning or working in a small business is the most exhilarating and creative way to spend your life. Sharing collective knowledge benefits all of us to be better and more profitable. My dad is an entrepreneur, as well as my granddaddy and now I spend my days making the lives of small business owners easier.

I joined SellerEngine in 2009 and translate the needs of online sellers into geek-speak so the software developers can implement useful features into SellerEngine’s tools. I lead the Help Team and Sales division and love helping customers find solutions to everyday problems.

Zoe Miller

Starting selling on Amazon in 2003, and hired people in 2006. Opened a brick-n-mortar in 2009. Last year, started book fairs at schools. Zoe Miller is a seven-figure seller through and other channels.

Brandon Checketts

Brandon Checketts of BookScouter

Brandon Checketts was born a geek. From the start, he had a natural desire and talent for computers and programming. At age 16, with the help of his parents, he opened a computer hardware and repair store. Since then he has sold all types of items from computer hardware to teddy bears, and from virtual currency to books and media.

Brandon created in 2007 as a way to help college students sell their textbooks online for the best price. The site has grown since then to a valuable tool for book sellers as well.

After seeing book sellers using his site with success, Brandon began selling books on Amazon primarily using FBA. That has now grown to now include several companies selling a variety of goods on both Amazon and eBay.

For more information on Brandon Checketts and his organization, please visit