Customer Relationship Management for Sellers at Amazon, eBay,, and more

Session Leader: Jon Jessup

This session will cover five key CRM concepts:

  1. Consolidate and streamline customer communications
  2. Leverage an Intelligent Knowledgebase
  3. Optimize Your RMA Process
  4. Analyze Data Efficiently and Effectively
  5. Do Targeted Email Marketing

Come to this session and learn how to:

  1. Take Control of your Customer Service: Analyze customer communications, centralize information, consistently provide high-quality customer service
  2. Leverage a Knowledgebase: Use a collection of frequently asked questions to provide solutions for your customers
  3. Embrace & Streamline the RMA Process: Make returns easy and customers won’t hesitate to buy from you
  4. Use Data to Your Advantage: Find out what your customers really want to know and use this information to increase your online sales and reduce your customer service operating costs
  5. Do Targeted Email Marketing: Keep in touch with your customers and send emails with content that will bring them back to your store


Get Ready Sellers: Tax Laws are Changing

Tax Time – It’s not just in April!

Session Leader: Laura Messerschmitt


2012 brings new tax laws that are going to affect online sellers. If you’re not careful, you could be seeing an increase in what you have to pay out. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Come learn about these changes and get tips for getting your taxes prepared with as little hassle as possible.  This session is intended for sellers who want the basics without all the jargon - it’s not intended for advanced tax professionals.

What We’ll Cover:

  • An overview of the different taxes that sellers are responsible for paying and collecting
  • The 1099-K: What it is and how it affects you
  • Quarterly Estimated Taxes:  Do you need to pay them?
  • The current status of sales tax laws and how it will change the world of online selling
  • How to reduce taxes - Common deductions that sellers take
  • How you can get involved and make a difference in the laws affecting you!

Why You Should Care:

The IRS has gotten stricter about collecting taxes from online sellers.  The laws are constantly changing, as the government is figuring out the best way to collect taxes from online sales.  As a seller, it’s critical to keep on top of these changes.   Make sure you pay only what you owe and not more!  Come learn about all of the changes that are happening and how they will change what you (and your customers!) owe.

Importing Products to Sell Online at Amazon, eBay,, and more

Session Leader: Lili Brown

Get the basics on how to import merchandise into the United States. Find information on:

  1. Factories for manufacturing
  2. Inspection agent in China
  3. Chinese export agent
  4. US Import and Customs agents for arrival
  5. How to have your imports go directly to the amazon warehouse for FBA

This will be a positive encouraging session for sellers to help take the fear out of importing product.

Starting FBA on a Budget

Kat Simpson of Kat Simpson Enterprises

Session Leader: Kat Simpson
More information available by June 15, 2012.

Thinking about opening a brick-n-mortar store? An Internet seller shares details.

Session Leader: Zoe Miller
More information about this presentation available by June 15, 2012.